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Influencer-driven marketing can be an anxiety driving experience for an organization looking to expand its social reach. They may research hundreds of influencers but ultimately partner with someone who best aligns with their brand's identity.


I'll help you stand out in the crowd so a brand not only trusts you, but wants to work with you again + again.

we all get scared

to say hello.

If an organization has reached out for a partnership, you've already done the bulk of the work. You've spent a great deal of time + energy busting your booty creating some awesome content. Now you need to seal the deal. 


Let's ensure the meticulous time you've spent curating a stellar feed translates from side-hustle to business-forward thinking. We'll work together to create a media-kit which not only represents you and your brand, but most importantly: books that gig.  

let's make a media-kit

( ok a really stellar one, to be specific )

We'll work together to create a one-pager representing everything someone looking to partner with you wants to know. 

Media-Kits Primarily Feature:


> personal wordmark + contact

> social media handles/icons

> your bio + social stats

> sample photos and/or video

> rate packages + descriptions


Shoot me an email describing what you're looking for, and I'm sure we can make it werk.


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